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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

~Sorry~Still Busy~Kookie~

I've been super busy -  :|

  • my cousin cut the tip of his finger off and we had to wait in the ER for 3 hours + 1 hour ride home :( - HES 6 YEARS OLD- PLEASE NO HATE COMMENTING!
  • I went to my friend's house a week or so ago and her comp. wasn't working....
  • My house became very "unclean" so I spent 3 days of my spring break cleaning...
  • STILL on spring break- YAY!
  • My sis and I are sharing the same account now...So she will put "-Kookie" at the bottom of her posts! 8D And plus- She will be doing the updates about clothing and den items! 8D It's great to have a "big" (shes my big sis 8D) helper! I will do the glitches page and Jammer of the Month (she will help me deliberate!) And I will also do Animal Updates, etc,etc,etc.

 Please tell me if this is a bad trade for non mem wings:

Porch Swing
Television (wooden)

+1 rare of their choice :)

I ask because there's a debate on it! If you have like 20 pairs (or somewhere around there! 83) Can I please have one? Thank you very much!

One more thing:

I'm giving away an account (non-member) called "musicisforever" Its a GIRL account!

Go to her den and check out those rares. She only has 3 clothing items and LOTS of gems.

14999 gems.

And a rare MONKEY! (tommorow: Thursday, March 29th is last day?)

If you want this account, comment your username below, and your name will be put into a drawing!
This is my sister's old account so, yea. Treat it with respect! After the drawing: we will not go onto the account. The drawing is: Saturday, April 28th! The drawing will be LIVE! The day after my birthday is the drawing! ^-^ She only has 1 buddy: ME!

Sorry for sucha long post!

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