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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kookie's First Post!: Kookie is now a Mod!

Hi I'm Kookie!! Fuzzy's BIG sis :D And I'm gonna be watchin you guys as you chat on the site. And I'm drinkin milk right have fun on AJ :D

What I do for this Blog:

  • I read the comments
  • I bann bad people. lol. KOOOKIEEEEE POWA! So do not b bad. -.-
  • I force people to eat pie.
  • I check and post new items daily.
Thats it? idk.



  1. AHHH! No not lime pie!! Wait wht? NOOOOO! NOT THE LIME PIE!

    Me: *Randomly starts freaking out*

    Kookie: *Does evil laugh*

    Yeah, :L weird. No worries Kookie, ur not tht bad lol. anyway, hi pplz O_o

    1. 83 83 83 Thankz for the comment! u r awesome!!! :3:3:3

      One of the easter eggs dont work...look closely to the one about where the line below is | <---- around this area... lol. | <-- and that one